⛔ There is no such thing as a perfect parent.

When I was little, I lost count of the number of mothers I heard utter the words ‘ That (insert name) shouldn’t be a parent and ‘some people were just not meant to be mother’s/fathers’

I lost count of the times that I saw parents attack parents silently, with their eyes, words or silence RIGHT when the other parent was at their lowest or weakest.

This happens because all parents are so scared that they are failing, and they care so much, that they project the shame that they are feeling inside at the places they fail as parents onto other parents when they fail.

It’s knee jerk reaction. 🦵🏽

A fight response. But that doesn’t make ok.

You need at least one safe space in the world where you can fail as a parent and work on becoming a better one without being judged, and if you don’t have that, then it sure as hell will get in the way of your fertility.

Let GO of the shame. You are worthy of being a Parent.

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