💔 I know how difficult it is to face infertility.

💔 I know because I went through the same.

😣 I was 10 years old when my school doctor told me I couldn’t have children because I have an underactive thyroid.

💔 I was told that if I ever had children, they would have the same problems as me.

💔 I was crushed, and my heart was broken because I already knew I wanted to have children.

Even before puberty, girls have the desire and instinct to care for and nurture babies.

And no matter how many things we are taught since we are children, being told that being a mother is not a goal or inspiration is extremely damaging.

But I didn’t give up❗️

✅ I didn’t let the toxic mentality of others ruin my chance of happiness.

✅ I worked on my health for years, changed my mindset, and completely sorted my body.

I had to face many difficulties, miscarriages, and not to be able to conceive.

But I put in real effort to change my mindset so that I would, to the very best of my ability, create a vibrant, healthy child.

And I did.

And I can help you as well through this difficult time.

This is my newly channelled course which is truly life-changing Fierce Fertility and I want to reach out and ask you to join me on it.

Learn to remove the biggest barrier to infertility, your mental and emotional blocks to conceiving, carrying, and birthing your beautiful babies into the world. To find out more click on the link below:

I believe in you.💖



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