😯 Fear that your baby might not like you?


Yep I said it.

The truth. It’s still one of the biggest blocks to fertility. I know our culture acts like this isn’t even a possibility but the truth is you are surrounded by a therapy/healing system that blames parents for everything bad in a child’s life and emancipates them from the credit of a child’s successes.

You may not like your parents.

Your friends, sibling or partner may not like their parents and it’s an ugly truth that the average adolescent will often challenge their parents with arguments, contempt and anger.

You may feel that you would die from the pain of being disliked by your child. That it may actually prefer your partner, its grandparents or friend to you.

Isn’t it time we looked at this lovability wound so that you can live free from the pain of believing that you are too different to be loved?

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