Soulmates relationships always ultimately set you free

“All soulmate relationships are a field of infinite energy, love, and divine intelligence.
They are a brilliant light. Every soulmate relationship is the manifestation of two hearts united in the expression and service of pure love on this planet.
The relationship and all its challenges exist for the mutual enlightenment of your soulmate and you.
Sometimes, though it may not feel like it, you may not even like the person you have lifelong learning agreement with. In truth, the relationship might be toxic, and very little is more painful than a broken heart.
Soulmate relationships always ultimately set you free … but first, like the truth, they often piss you off. While we all want to be free of our fear and limitations, the truth is we like getting rid of the limitations we know about, not the ones we haven’t even considered yet, which is where conflicts arise.
We become conflicted in situations where we don’t know how to get our needs met and how to give love. All soulmates face the challenge of how to handle their “soulmate shadow side” to different degrees. “
Soul Mate Shadow Work” – Sky Acamesis

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