In the past, babies were birthed into extended families and communities.

Today, a more common reality (not the only scenario) is a hospital birth followed by a new mother at home alone with a father who is out working, or completely by herself with no father to be heard of.  This is already a very stressful situation without me even dropping the C-vid world reality into the mix.

If there are challenges in their relationship, the mother’s physical recovery from childbirth/c-section challenges transitioning from full-time work to full-time Mommy, challenges caused by the needs of other children, financial stress, ill or ageing parents, an ill new-born or simply one who won’t sleep, the new home environment with a baby can easily become traumatic and toxic instead of new Mommy bliss.

The guilt, exhaustion and shame around this scenario is overwhelming and doesn’t promote adrenal health as the nervous system is in the red zone. So busy making adrenaline and cortisol and telling us to fight, run or freeze that it is as far away from rest, repair and nurture as it could possibly get.  These stress hormones tell the body that it is not “safe” for the new mum to make the fertility-linked progesterone, which is one of the most powerful anti-depressants and healing hormones that the body makes.

This is why I believe that something that is common today is “luteal phase insufficiency”, where ovarian progesterone production is poor and the peak in the second half of the cycle is not reached.

In this situation, progesterone may be dominant from days 16-18 of the cycle instead of from days 16 to 27 of the cycle. This early drop off of progesterone is the cause of PMS and low fertility.

In the same way that this lack of a community and extended support means that the women missed out of her chance to shine, be recognised, nurtured and validated as a new mother, and is grieving that loss hormonally as well as on a subconscious level.

Progesterone brings us joy, repair, and rejuvenation. It is where we get the GLOW. You won’t feel glowing unless your achievements are validated and recognised.

Hormones are not as complex as they may seem.

Your body is simple.

If you tell it what you want it will create it. But when it comes to fertility, you have to be honest about what you want and if you really feel supported and ready for what you are asking for by your community and partner as well as financially.

If you are ready to get to the root of your fertility struggles or want to help your client through this incredibly important stage in their lives, I got you <3

I created an incredible container that will provide the community, deep healing work, and nutritional support so that you can release your blocks to fertility once and for all.

I know this is a deeply personal issue and something that you may find very difficult to discuss but I am here for you.  it’s time to let go of the pain so that the new can come in.

Drop me a P.M.  

This is going to be HUGE!!

You Can Do This.💓

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