beauty magnetize things to you

Beauty magnetizes things to you.

There are so many different definitions of beauty. Every country, culture, gender, religion and family have different rules and standards about beauty. So much of the beauty we create is someone or some cultures else’s idea of what beauty should be.

But beauty is not just a way of looking. It’s a VIRTUE. A LAW of the Universe. A Face of God.  It’s just as powerful as abundance. It’s why the law of attraction works. Because Beauty magnetizes things to you.

God doesn’t make copies. Your beauty is as unique as you are. Just like no two stars are the same so no two beauties are the same.

Would you like to know that you are your own kind of beautiful?
That you are as beautiful as anything in the universe?
That you are worthy of beauty?
That there is nobody with the same beauty as you do?

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