being your own soulmate

Being your own soulmate

So on my Birthday this year we were in full-blown lockdown so I went for a celebratory drive in the countryside. I asked the universe for Birthday wishes and guidance to navigate the storms that this year would bring, and to find the courage to finally become who I was supposed to be.

I was driving for about 20 mins with my favourite song (I’m a huge Taylor Swift Fan) pumping loudly out of my speakers in my Big Yellow Truck when SUDDENLY, as I drove out of a hedge of Ash Tree’s there was a massive double rainbow and field with 33 swans just sitting in it under the gathering thunder clouds. I stopped the car, mouth wide open in wonder. I counted the number over and over again. My guidance for my 33 years of life, in the form of 33 swans. The field wasn’t anywhere near a pond or river. I have no idea why they landed there. But I know it was a massive divine timing moment for me. I quickly googled Swans and got this…

“Swan transforms from small, ugly, and clumsy, into large, beautiful, and graceful. This swan power animal is all about transformation. It is also about being your ‘own soulmate.’’

Only when you form a ‘close loving bond’ with your body can you bond with others. The swan is regal, refined, loving, and a pure and celestial emblem. Water, which is where all swans live, symbolizes emotions. That is why; swans are an emblem of sensitivity and love in the presence of transforming our deepest emotions or others’ emotions.

I was wonderstruck all the way home. It was the validation I needed to start creating my own modality and tapping into the size of the divine gifts that I had been born with. I was finally ready to be who I was really was. My inner ugly duckling was finally ready to become the Swan I was destined to be.

Love Sky

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