Beliefs to Test and Clear When Manifesting Fertility

When working with infertility with clients and students I look at their beliefs and the same beliefs come up over and over again. Very rarely are these beliefs true and if you can voice them, then you can heal them.

Here are some beliefs to muscle test and clear in order to manifest fertility. Remember that you have had these beliefs on an ancestral or soul level even if you are not consciously aware of them so muscle test ♥️

💫 I fear healing my fertility issues
💫 I will lose my mental health if I have another child
💫 My body will be destroyed by pregnancy
💫 It’s hard to get pregnant
💫 Sex is the root of all evil
💫 Sex is the original sin
💫 If I get pregnant my partner will start abusing me
💫 Infertility is a curse
💫 Infertility runs in my family
💫 I am secretly scared of children
💫 I fear working with fertility issues in others
💫 I fear working around issues that may be buried within me around the mother wound
💫 I fear working with the issues buried in me around past life birth trauma
💫 I lost children in past lives
💫 My infertility is karma
💫 I am scared I will be a bad mother
💫 Childbirth will kill me
💫 The damage of childbirth is impossible to recover from
💫 Fertility issues have to take a long time to heal
💫The world is too toxic and dangerous a place to bring children into
💫 I carry past life trauma of death/injury in childbirth
💫 I need my partner’s permission before I can get pregnant
💫 I need to be married before I can get pregnant
💫 I need to have XXXXXXX amount of money in the bank before I can get pregnant.
💫 I am too old to get pregnant
💫  It’s my fault I am infertile
💫 On any level I fear I will abuse my children the way I was abused
💫 I have birth trauma from births in this lifetime
💫 I have birth trauma from my birth into this world

It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Too much to do alone? Overwhelming?

Let’s do it together🙃

Make it simple.

Join Fierce Fertility, our tribe of women dismantling their subconscious fears of fertility together.

You know you are one of us…

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You Can Do This.💓

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