Did you know that your children choose you?

I thought my pregnancy was a urine infection.

I was about to teach a Theta Healing Advanced Class and I felt an ache in my bladder and womb, the very same feeling that I got when I had a heavy period. But I no blood came, and the ache was a steady presence. So I called the GP and booked an appointment. I still had the contraceptive progesterone stick in my arm that was meant to protect me from pregnancy for another 9 months.

And still, he came. 💫💫

And what a delicious surprise he was. I love being surprised by miracles. 💫💫

He was so protective from the very beginning. He taught more than 9 Theta Healing Classes in my womb and every time I was afraid of the challenges we faced together be they covid related, medical-related or divine life purpose, he would wrap me in the wings of his soft blue light, bringing me home to Creator’s love and remind me even before he was born that he had chosen me for a reason and that we would find a way forward together.

Did you know that your children choose you?

Often before you are even born? Would you be willing to receive that? That they are enlightened? That they will activate a strength, an abundance and a power within you that you didn’t even know existed?

If you are manifesting fertility, isn’t it time you brought that beautiful ball of bubba light into the process? They can help and they want to be born as much as you want a baby.

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