“Don’t look at what to take away; look at what to introduce.”

“Don’t look at what to take away; look at what to introduce.”

The language associated with healthy eating needs to change. It has been hardwired in our minds that healthy eating means cutting out delicious food from our lives. But it’s the complete opposite of that. 🤮 We poison our bodies daily just to give in to the urge and craving of eating unhealthy.

Healthy food doesn’t fit the standards set by society. But the world does not care about your health. I do.

And I can help you choose a healthy path for yourself. It all starts with changing your heart, thinking, and keeping a positive attitude towards healthy food. It starts by changing the habit of unhealthy eating that you have picked up to poison yourself. ☠️☠️ Instead of calling crisps yummy, call them poisonous, call them dangerous, and call them harmful because this food will kill you, slowly and silently.

I am a nutritionist, master healer, and medical intuitive, and I have the knowledge you need to end emotional eating and start treating your body right. Is it time to book a One-to-One with me? Love, Sky 💖💖

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