Eat the food that loves you back


I love my salads. Eating the rainbow is kind of like a religion to me. It’s such a habit now that I deeply miss my colourful salad bowls when I don’t SHNUMM on them at least twice a week. It’s not what you eat or the calories so much as it’s the nutrition that you are consuming and listening to your own body and what is needed to feel satisfied.

When other women accuse me of eating like a rabbit sometimes, I politely remind them there’s a reason the girls in #playboy are called BUNNIES. Green food means sexy body but also healthy sex drive, sex hormones and therefore great #sexgasms. The body lives on light, but the soul lives on ecstasy.

When you eat food made from light ecstatic spiritual and emotional states are much easier to achieve. Eat the food that loves you back, because you are worth it. You deserve ecstasy for your soul 💝🔥

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