Every three months you have a completely new body. ⁠

New hair, skin, bones…it’s also an illusion.

We believe that regrowing a body part or reforming our body is impossible due to the latest beliefs of science, but the truth is our body is constantly rejuvenating itself.

Your body will regrow half your liver; I’ve had a client regrow one of her ovaries!

This all means 6 months from now you can have a body that is younger and healthier than the one you have now. If you change your thoughts, the foods you eat, do certain detoxes, etc you can absolutely TRANSFORM your body.

The journey starts with acknowledging your basic needs.

You’d be surprised how often I need to heal issues of self-neglect with clients before we get into the more subtle areas of health.

Healing beliefs that deal with dissociation (AKA self-abandonment) is big and normally involves releasing childhood wounds. During this process, you get reconnected to life literally!

Are you willing to be bold with your beliefs?

If this resonates, and you want to feel truly, madly, deeply alive. PM me and let’s see if we’re a match.


Sky 💗

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