Fierce Fertility Programme is not WOO WOO.🥰

It’s Psycho-biology. This term was created by Dr James Braid in the nineteenth century.

As a Medical Intuitive I have worked with so many people who have succeeded in creating a healthy body against all odds, and because I loved them ( I get incredibly emotionally invested in my people) I studied a LOT and Deeply on people who had recovered from all kinds of health problems. And knew that the same techniques that had been used to help people recover from illness could be used effectively to help those recover from infertility.

This created out of this world results when I started combining spiritual healing with what I knew about hypnosis. More than I ever imagined possible.

Funnily enough, there weren’t any books with case studies of women who had gone to have babies against all odds and then had them anyway.

I decided Fierce Fertility was necessary when I realised just how many women were being labelled infertile. In fact, the majority of women who have fertility problems are diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

There is nothing un-explained about it.

Close your eyes and say ‘Infertile’ feel the frequency that runs through your body.
Now smile and say ‘I’m phenomenally Fertile’ and feel the frequency that this generates in your body.

One creates fear and the other creates love. Which one do you want to use to create your body?

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