Financial Blocks to Fertility❓

💣Truth Bomb 💣

Yep, that’s a THING 😛  

The reason is that when you don’t have abundance you don’t feel safe.

Since your body links progesterone to fertility… if your body perceives that your finances are under threat and links those finances to your ability to provide for a child both nutritionally and financially. Then the last thing it wants is for you to conceive, so it thinks it is doing you a HUGE favour by shutting down the production of progesterone.

Since this hormone is one of our most powerful tools for fertility, mental health, repair and restoration, it’s no wonder we can lose our sparkle overnight along with having yet another month without the conception we desire.

You can heal this imbalance.

I have a unique ability to help people with fertility problems… (I have got many women pregnant 😉)

This online container offers unique and powerful strategies who want to awaken their fertility. If you want to have a baby the most important tool to boost your fertility is your soul.

Isn’t it time you took your power back?

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This is going to be HUGE!!

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