Food is always there for me. It fills my loneliness

“Food is always there for me. It fills my loneliness. It gives me comfort and joy like a hug. I don’t get that from anyone else.”

When we start to think of food as something that can fill the void inside us, nurture us, or give us comfort, we start depending on it to fulfill all our emotional needs.

But food is food. It gives us energy and makes us strong, but it can never be our comfort. We can’t lean on food. Instead, we need to lean on Our Creator, Our God. When you have a deep connection with your Creator, you won’t rely on food, harmful substances, or other people to comfort you, fill your loneliness, or be there with you.

You won’t use food as an excuse to not interact with people. Don’t put much faith in food because it will fail you.

But your God, your friends, your family will always be there for you. It’s time to leave the food crutch and walk alone towards a healthy YOU.

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