Miracles over Medicine Detox Series

Get ready to consciously create a new body, smash your health paradigms and reach your full potential. 

Miracles over Medicine Detox Series

Get ready to consciously create a new body, smash your health paradigms and reach your full potential. 

You are the creatrix of your own body and it’s truly possible to identify and communicate with the wounded self and guide it back to a place of safety and protection and vibrant energy.

It’s time to become the light that you are capable of being for humanity.

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7 videos to help you detox

I will show you how to detox your body and reclaim your Divine Vibrant Health. I will go into detail about your body detox process and give you simple steps to support and improve your health.

90% of disease is caused by toxic stress and lifestyle choices which are completely reversible and preventable. Women are needlessly suffering and deserve so much better than that. We are worth it.

The Miracles Over Medicine Detox Series


Parasite, colon and liver cleanse

Parasites are organisms that live off of other organisms. They can cause diseases in humans, as well as animals, and can be found in both the digestive tract and the liver. Colon and liver cleanses are used to help rid the body of these parasites, allowing for improved health. The cleanses focus on getting rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites, while promoting healthy bacteria growth


Liver Flush and cleanse

A toxic liver has the power to imbalance your body’s hormones, disrupt your health, weaken your immune system, and lead to chronic diseases and digestive problems. You can create a healthy liver and the Unconditional Health You Deserve.


Clean water, vitamins and minerals

Water contains harmful contaminants such as bacteria, lead, arsenic, and other chemicals. Purifying water can help to keep your body healthy by providing it with the purest form of drinking water available.


Sugar detox

Sugar is an incredibly addictive substance, and consuming too much of it can lead to a vicious cycle of cravings and weight gain and other health problems. By eliminating processed sugars, you will be able to make healthier food choices and enjoy the benefits of improved health.


Heavy Metals and toxins

Heavy metals can accumulate in the body over time from exposure to environmental sources, such as air, water, and soil. They can also be ingested through certain foods, medications, and vaccinations. Heavy metal detox helps to remove these harmful toxins from the body and restore balance. It’s an important step in achieving optimal health and wellbeing.



Juices contain a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can provide essential vitamins and minerals and help detoxify the body. They can help improve digestion and boost energy levels while providing an abundance of antioxidants and phytonutrients


Metaphysics, Physical Body and physical health

Connect with the body’s innate healing intelligence and awaken your body’s powerful abilities to heal itself.

I am so in love with my magical body now, and I want all the parts to be happy. I will heal and bring balance to all my systems, organs, bones, etc. I So Love my entire Body Now. I have never felt this way before.
- Paula
I lost 7lbs already since we started... I also have another win. I was so stressed earlier so I said I wanted to have food delivered so I don't have to cook... After looking at all the restaurants (I looked at every single one of them) I picked the vegan restaurant. This is really big for a steak lover like me.
- Kath
Thank you Skylar Acamesis and Skylar AcamesisTeam for these amazing weeks filled with “magical” experiences. I’m learning a lot and will keep learning even after this group is completely closed. I felt deep down years ago I should start to liver flush but never did as I was too scared, the resistance was stronger, or maybe I supposed to be here releasing the pain, anger, toxins and past with you all. Today I feel different, I feel the shifting, I am confused I must admit as my critical mind keeps speculating why I end up in this time, space, reality in the first place. The shifts are huge and I’m scared but I felt this way many times and somehow something was guiding me to something best. I cleared most part of my fantasy bonds, discovered this family secret which was my father abuse and felt deep peace. I’m sure my new path is unfolding, I still feel many ppl trying to enter my space but I’m sure until the end of the flushes ( I will keep going) everything will shift even more.
- Roxanne
I'm in, I couldn't recommend her courses any more than by signing up myself. Skylar Acamesis' work, knowledge, expertise and support with your health journey is incredible. I'm proud that she is my mentor on my current Medical Intuitive training too because I trust her completely in supporting me through any of the training and courses she offers. Her work is phenomenal, miles ahead of most resources out there. Health is wealth and though we may not always realise it, we cannot do it alone.
- Gabriella
Hi I hopped on and thank you Skylar … to be honest the liver flush was amaaaaazing I lost the weight around my stomach and fit into my skinny jeans 🥳… amazing how I just lost that … I feel great after that powerful… it was the best thing I did the liver flush I recommend to all the women 🙏🙏🙏
- Charlie

Hi, I’m Skylar,

I’m so excited that you are here! As a master healer, medical intuitive and nutritionist and throughout my career, I’ve met many incredible women who through no fault of their own they have lost connection to their own intuition. Many are needlessly suffering from misdiagnosis, repeated symptoms, even harmful self-programming that are completely reversible and preventable.

I’m taking a stand as women deserve so much better than that. This is why I created the Miracles over Medicine Detox Series

As someone who has overcome autoimmune thyroid disease, sports injuries, leaky gut, allergies and chronic infections, while setting up two thriving 6 figure businesses and taking care of a husband and three stepchildren, I wanted to share with you how I changed my life.

It’s possible to become healthy, strong and vibrant again and I speak from experience, not just theory.

Only once we address the part that believes it’s undeserving of health can we return to the wholeness and the wellness we ache for. I want to share with you the same practice that has not just worked for me but royalty, politicians, celebrities, millionaires, high performers and beautiful real women from around the world.

Let me show you how to fall back in love with yourself. You matter and the world needs you now.

Love Skylar xoxo

Award-Winning Medical Intuitive, Health Coach and Nutritionist for High Achievers and Successful Women.

‘Our Job Is Not to Seek for Health, Our Job is to Release the Obstacles to its Awakening’

- Sky Acamesis

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