Getting lighter is a spiritual job

Sometimes you got to sit with it.

If you really have ‘too cool to care’ attitude about your health. Or a seriously rebellious attitude.

It means you had an abusive relationship with authority growing up. And until you sort that out you will sabotage your body weight by refusing to follow your own guidance and rules.

It takes to face your fears around who forced you to eat and how much abuse you received around the dinner table, sometimes before you were even verbal.

Then you can finally stop fighting with yourself and step into your power to push away the food in front of you.

Trust me. Your Inner Child always knew how to do that.🥰

PM me when you are ready to glow!

Because getting lighter is a spiritual job. ​💡

I’ve created something magical just for you this January

Because Your Body Is Personal

☀️The lighter you feel, the lighter you become.☀

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