Have you ever felt down about your strength of willpower?

Have you ever felt down about your strength of willpower? Have you set health goals in the past and not made them a priority?

Go easy on yourself, it’s more complex than you think. It’s less about pushing and more to do with removing your blocks and reconnecting to healthy authority.

Yep, surprise! It’s about your childhood.

Sometimes we are still in a rebellion state into adulthood. It’s a healthy reaction to establishing your boundaries and identity as a child, but we also need to regain a connection to a loving power.

Being healthy requires discipline, and allowing what is good for you to be the standard. You’ve got to fall in love with obedience to your divine inner will.

Instead of fighting a battle with yourself between the choice of life-giving foods or familiar, comforting options, when you surrender to the loving choice you have…


The freedom of more energy, strength and beauty. More confidence, integrity and self-respect. And believe me, people notice when this happens.

This process begins with separating your energy from your parents and releasing old vows.

Are you ready to find out who you truly are?

DM me if your inner guide is saying a big ‘yes!’


Sky 💖

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