Healing bodies is my specialty, and sometimes a love life or two. ⁠ ⁠

I was so thrilled to hear this amazing news from Dotteanna, she was open to the process and manifested her dream rapidly.

Uncovering and removing blocks to health often involves work on beliefs, and love is no different. In fact, they can often be interlinked!

Did you know the heart chakra directly affects a woman’s womb? Receiving and being a container for love makes our life and health expand. The reverse is also true.

Your solar plexus is also often affected if there are imbalances with relationships. In our Lovely Liver Flush, two clients faced and accepted difficult, buried emotions surrounding their partners, this created space for new healthy love to enter.

When you’re ready, the health, love and life you want will come racing towards you.

If you feel your heart is in need of some guidance, drop me a PM. There’s so much love waiting for you.

Sky ❤️

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