Healing Goddess Activation

Get ready to consciously create a new body, smash your health paradigms and reach your full potential. 

Healing Goddess Activation

Get ready to consciously create a new body, smash your health paradigms and reach your full potential. 

You are the creatrix of your own body and it’s truly possible to identify and communicate with the wounded self and guide it back to a place of safety and protection and vibrant energy.

It’s time to become the light that you are capable of being for humanity.

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The Intuitive Method

Through a holistic combination of transformative healings and energy clearings, intuitive guidance, channelled messages, laser coaching, mindset techniques, strategies and aligned action – you will be guided to awaken into the brilliant Mind and Body Intuitive that you are destined to be. The aim is to ignite your soul’s fire until you honour your life’s purpose.

How to Use The Intuitive Method



You know you were born to heal humanity. It’s your Deepest Heart’s Desire. It’s a Massive Destiny. But it’s undeniably who you really are. It’s what you came here to do. Take Our quiz to discover the biggest Spiritual Power Saboteurs.



On this guided meditation you will receive the  Activation  Codes that will purposefully and profoundly transform those fears on all levels and so you feel safe being authentically Infinite Being You Are.



Go from limited to limitless with accelerated aligned action with our Divine Life Purpose Planner.  This planner will force you to remember who you are (an infinite being) and gives you to prioritise your divine life purpose along with the needs of others.

Thank you, Skylar, for a wonderful course. You have been a brilliant teacher with so much knowledge and wisdom!!
I am going to go home with more strength, balance and groundedness knowing that everything is possible even more now! 6am is for meditation and exercise. And building my new healing business and everything I will create is like a golden road ahead of me full of love, light & Joy & Action!
Lots of Love & Light
Thank you!!!
- Pauline
I love working with Skylar. She is a very advanced healer, full of compassion, and knows how to get the job done. She is the person that other healers go to for help because she gets results – and fast. If you’re ready to change your life for the better, don’t hesitate to book sessions with her. I have been blown away by her work
- Jay Diamond
Life changing once again. I have been working on domestic abuse issues with Theta and have released the belief “I have to be murdered to start my life again”.
So much trauma, engrams released yesterday, so I feel my PTSD is completed and left my body. I have learnt so much from this course of Manifesting and Abundance! I know now how to move forward and let go of the past and step back into my power. “I can now move mountains with mustard seeds” quote from Sky. I am going home with pain and suffering removed from my body. Going forward, I am going to get my first client and be able to get a home.
Thank you Sky for making this possible.
- Roxanne
After some years of being on the healing journey, it feels almost surreal to me to get to the bottom of my deepest, most hidden subconscious patterns/beliefs and experience such a dramatic shift in such short time. You are a miracle, thank you and thanks to my higher self for letting me experience this sort of healing.
Blessings. Much love.
- Pinar Gundogdu
Wow! I am ready. Ready to receive all the abundance, love and blessings. I step into my Spiritual Inheritance, all thanks to this transformative two days working with Sky on Manifesting and Abundance.
The future looks positive, my mission is manageable. I have cleared what has had me stuck. Feeling so unbelievably grateful to Sky and Bourgeon and all that you do.
- Gabriella Weeks
This course helped me to have new insights on my dark side + beliefs I had not yet uncovered. Skylar held space for us all + is a dedicated master healer providing profound teachings. She has taught me that action is power and motivated me to up-level my healing within as well as up-levelling in all areas of my life. To dedicate more time to looking after myself through exercise and wellbeing. The most crucial thing I learnt was that I can have it all, by the commands + digging work Theta provides I can now begin my journey to action this
Thank you
- Gabriella Weeks

Hi, I’m Skylar,

I’m so excited that you are here! As a master healer, medical intuitive and nutritionist and throughout my career, I’ve met many incredible women who through no fault of their own they have lost connection to their own intuition. Many are needlessly suffering from misdiagnosis, repeated symptoms, even harmful self-programming that are completely reversible and preventable.

I’m taking a stand as women deserve so much better than that. This is why I created the Medical Intuitive Activation.

As someone who has overcome autoimmune thyroid disease, sports injuries, leaky gut, allergies and chronic infections, while setting up two thriving 6 figure businesses and taking care of a husband and three stepchildren, I wanted to share with you how I changed my life.

It’s possible to become healthy, strong and vibrant again and I speak from experience, not just theory.

Only once we address the part that believes it’s undeserving of health can we return to the wholeness and the wellness we ache for.I want to share with you the same practice that has not just worked for me but royalty, politicians, celebrities, millionaires, high performers and beautiful real women from around the world.

Let me show you how to fall back in love with yourself. You matter and the world needs you now.

Love Skylar xoxo

Award-Winning Medical Intuitive, Health Coach and Nutritionist for High Achievers and Successful Women.

‘Our Job Is Not to Seek for Health, Our Job is to Release the Obstacles to its Awakening’

- Sky Acamesis

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