Have you ever felt weighted down in your life?

If you’ve ever felt weighed down in life, you might be literally carrying around energy that doesn’t belong to you. ⁠

After body scanning a client, it’s actually really common that I discover old energies being held in all kinds of places. ⁠

The heart and kidneys are two key energy centres where we store the emotions and energetic fragments of others. ⁠

Once you clear them, there’s always a huge relief that follows. Relief from the stuck emotion being released and that it was never yours in the first place!⁠

It’s an initiation into your power. When you clear old energy you take ownership of your space and body and banish (with love) parts that do not serve the whole. ⁠

Are have you been wrestling with pain that’s not yours? Lets Chat. Drop me a PM. ⁠

Sky ❤️ ⁠

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