How to stop craving for food?

“Ever since I turned vegan, when I go to supermarkets, I’m amazed how little I choose to buy in terms of
tinned and canned or packed foods because it’s what it contains. There’s always something not good in
it. I’ve completely changed the way I look at food.”

Some people change their whole diets just by being in my energy. That’s the power of listening to someone who has integrity around their health and has achieved the things you want to achieve. The resonance is real.

I want my talk.

It’s amazing how quickly your body and mind tunes to your new eating habits.

And when you feed your body the right nutrients, it thanks to you by prolonging your life, strengthening your body, and giving it the comfort it deserves.

When you change your language from “eat this unhealthy thing as a treat” to “I am punishing myself by having those crisps,” you won’t even occasionally harm your body with sugar, oil, and canned food.

When you use the words “punish” and “poison,” your mind instantly signals that this is something we have to avoid. It’s harmful, dangerous, and not good for you.

Being aware of what you consume daily is the first step to acknowledging how you are abusing your body. Even something as small as reading the labels of food can educate you about the unhealthy stuff it contains. Just because it sells itself as healthy doesn’t mean it is.

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