I am getting off the charts clients results


šŸ˜ We are getting off the charts client results!!! šŸ˜

And I am like a proud mother unicorn with my heart bursting open šŸ¦„

I healed my beauty blocks and have been asked to model for Gucci

Iā€™m happy to say the digestive issue has improved constantly. And the healing I received from Sky in Theta basic was life-changing. And that month I ovulated like crazy!

My diabetes is in remission after 7 years

I have lost 30 pounds and my eating disorder disappeared

My hair is growing back thick and strong after postpartum hair loss

I was panicking after receiving a very difficult diagnosis. Now I am at peace. I have a powerful vision of my health and I know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s available to me

My Thyroid results came back normal

I finally healed my imposter syndrome and know I deserve to feel beautiful

This month I have had some massive healings thanks to my beautiful clients! I finally overcame my imposter syndrome and started running ads for the first time! Bring it on world, I am so ready to make Medical Intuition a Mainstream Modality!!!!

A rising tide lifts ALL THE SHIPS!

Together we RISE.

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