I believe in my bones they can get healthy

Believing that your suffering is special, is a dangerous mindset to fall into when there seems to be no solution.

When you feel like you have tried everything and hope starts to fade, the story that your suffering is unique starts calling.  

But believe me, it’s nothing more than a comforting lie that comes with the price of doubt, pity and depression.

When you’re in this space where healing seems impossible you need to connect to a higher power that knows the truth of your being. That you are whole and perfect.

One of the reasons my clients get results is because I believe in my bones they can get healthy.

Something else I believe is that health is not one size fits all, and you DO need special attention in the form health plan unique to you.

If this is resonating drop me a PM my darling.

So much love,

Sky ❤️

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