You have been doing all the right things but still struggling?

Forget sexy ‘beach body’ small talk, the weight loss journey is deep life-changing work that transforms your world.

If you’re already on the journey, and it’s feeling like endless hard work DON’T beat yourself up.

Because you’re right, there’s a factor that needs to be in balance and it does the hard work for you when it comes to a healthy weight.

Your beautiful hormones!🍓

Your hormones are basically the vehicle of communication for the body including your metabolism. So if you’ve been doing all the right things and it still feels like a struggle, it’s time to check in with your hormonal health.

Physically that means giving your gut and liver a good overhaul and creating a substantial plan. There will be things you’re missing and some gentle but deep cleansing required.  

On an emotional level, that means acting in truth, kindness and integrity.

Then you have a strong foundation so that a healthy lifestyle can have full effect.

If you want to dig deep and transform your metabolism, drop me a PM and let’s get to work.


Sky 💛

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