I have heard it many times before.

She sat in my chair and said:

‘You have to swear. What I am about to tell you could destroy my marriage.’

I have heard it many times before. And it’s such a hard place to be because a destroyed marriage caused emotional spiritual and financial devastation not just to you but to your children. I am telling this client’s story because we think it’s not a common situation but I want you to know it is far more common than our statistics admit. And I won’t let the fact that it’s a taboo subject stop you from having the child you dream of.

She wanted another baby. But during the first pregnancy, she had cheated on her husband. And once the baby had been born so had she. 😱😱😱

Her husband didn’t know about her infidelity. But she was terrified he would find out. And even though their marriage was great now, she hadn’t been able to conceive even though they had been trying for two years.

The truth is, that guilt and fear about infidelity from you or your partner can stop you from conceiving. If you live in constant fear that a partner will cheat on your and your family will break down, that fear increases the amount of cortisol and adrenalin in your system, which tells your body to slow down your progesterone production and va va voom conception is suddenly blocked.

The same thing happens if you live in fear about your own infidelity being found out. 😱

Since over 50% of marriages experience infidelity including Beyonce’s I am not about to judge anyone for the choices that they make. Marriage is challenging and sometimes the loneliest place on earth is next to your soulmate.

It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. What matters is what is happening now. All relationships go through hard things, no matter what anybody says. There is always so much more than we know going on. If you are happy and are ready to LET GO, then I have the container for you. Where you can privately work through what you need to work through so that you can have your pregnancy, keep the happy relationship or start again and have your second child in a different loving relationship.

But subconsciously blocking your fertility isn’t going to resolve your problems. Only facing your true feelings and making decisions in alignment with who you are now do that.

You are ready for your future. You deserve to be happy. PERIOD.

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