Your soul wants you to have a loving family.

🌍 The world currently believes that if women cannot have children, something is broken in the body and has to be fixed or replaced to work correctly.

And that’s a lie.

🧠 Despite what you think, our diet, our mindset, our exposure to the environment and stress, and our ability to create a family are the biggest factors that affect the ability of 99% of women to be fertile than anything else in the world.

🤯 Shocking, isn’t it? This means you can’t blame your infertility on some medical jargon or disease that you have no idea exists.

👉 Remember, Your body is hard-wired to conceive.

👉 Your womb wants to make babies.

👉 Your soul wants you to have a loving family.

👉 And you deserve that unconditional love that only children can give.

⭕️ But you can’t move forward without removing the emotional blocks created due to collective consciousness.

⭕️ You can’t allow your collective consciousness to take away your dreams and desires and your right to be a mother.

Thus you need to remove yourself from this narrative; you need to unplug from this negative consciousness and take back control over your mind, body, and energy.

Join our Fierce Fertility programme to unplug from the collective consciousness and restore your right to be fertile.

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