I hope you choose blessings

Every life has pivotal moments that send you down one destiny or another. Sliding doors moments can be a bitch. isn’t it just the way that you often have to let go of people and things you thought you would be close to forever? That Creator has other plans?
It’s interesting that often it’s the situations that hurt us that can create the greatest transformation and change.
When difficult things happen we have the choice to choose to plant seeds of blessing or bitterness in our hearts and in our lives.
No matter what has happened, I hope you choose blessings.
The bottom line is simple. If you don’t love me, then you aren’t meant to be by my side. And I am not supposed to be by yours.
And that’s ok.
So If you have betrayed me – I forgive you
If you lied about me – I forgive you.
If you have sent anger, pain, curses or toxic energy my way – I forgive you
If you question my motives – I forgive you
If you dislike me – I forgive you
If you gossiped about me and dis-respected me – I forgive you
If you used me – I forgive you
If you abused me – I forgive you
I may not be able to have you in my life any more, but I am not going to hold onto the fear, hurt or pain. Only love is real. Find someone you do love. Do something that lights you up. I bless you with the peace, love and prosperity.
I pray over the wounds that life’s challenges have opened in all of us and ask that it be used for gods purposes.
I thank Creator for the time we had. And I thank Creator for the beautiful blessings still to come for all of us.