I truly believe that health is probably a more taboo topic than sex and money.

My heart would literally scrunch up in my chest. I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

AND (anyone who knows me knows how major this is)

I would be at a loss for words. ME, I mean seriously🔥

Not when I was teaching other people’s modalities, but when I was focusing on my own. I just couldn’t be myself.

I didn’t like me. So how could anyone else?

Imposter syndrome was literally costing me my divine life purpose and stopping me from saving the lives I was here to save.

The funny thing is, imposter syndrome shows up in health just as much as it shows up in business.

The number of women who say to me

I just don’t feel beautiful
I wouldn’t know what to do with all that attention
It’s just not me to care about my body, I care about more important things (kids, money, man)
I just don’t have the time
I have no willpower

sound familiar? It means you don’t feel worthy of self-care. You feel like you are just not being YOU, if you are healthy. Like you are losing a part of yourself instead of becoming who you really are.

And to be honest, women who have shown up for sessions only to postpone, avoid, run away from their health goals.

I truly believe that health is probably a more taboo topic than sex and money.

We are making life-changing decisions from a place of emotions instead of from a place of love, integrity and discipline and our bodies are getting ‘broken and burnt out’ faster than we are getting broke. TRUTH BOMB💣

This is me doing my thing. And you haven’t had a healing until you have had one with me 😉

So if you are ready for it, I think I can really help you.

DM me to know more

I love you so much,


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