I want to be your soul SANTA 🎅 If you will let me. ⁠

Cat in the Hat. ⁠

First family movie curled up around the fire. ⁠

A basket of Christmas bliss balls, a crackling fire and my new favourite fat face old yellow jumper. 🎄⁠

The plan is to put up the tree this week, I just finished writing the Christmas cards and am waiting for the torrential rain to stop before I go and post them. ⁠

You see the secret to happiness this holiday is GRATITUDE AND GIVING. ⁠


I want to be your soul SANTA 🎅 If you will let me. ⁠

Because I created an incredible course using my unique modality to help you crush the crazy food cravings once and for all and create the body you love this January. ⁠

It’s not just how I feed myself, it’s how I feed my family!⁠

Because everything is served with love not just for the people but for the bodies they live in. ⁠

Problem is you can’t sell a healthy diet with deprivation or a holier than though attitude this Christmas. You got to have some of the tastiest treats in the room too! ⁠

And that’s why I can help you! If you feel like feeding your family is stopping you from getting healthy ⁠


If you are ready to release everything that’s weighing you down, I got YOU🤸‍♂️⁠

Drop me a PM and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for you.⁠
Lots of Love⁠


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