I was afraid of being judged

Walking into the room to go swimming I always feel like I am in that dream.

You know the one, where you are in front of your whole school naked. You know other people will be there. You know there will be a moment when all gazes focus on you. But that doesn’t prevent you from feeling like you can’t breathe. Or keeping your eyes focused on the ground so as not to make eye contact.

I used to always put on a swimming costume instead of my bikini. And especially when I became a mom (my son is 11 months old) I found myself hiding.

I was afraid of being judged. And I am.

But now I am healed enough that I just feel the judgement and wear what I love anyway.

Feel the jealousy and manifest the healthy hot body anyway.

Feel the pressure and rise to the challenge anyway.

I don’t just talk the spiritual talk. Every day I get up and I actually take care of my body.

I have healed my neglect wound and I show up for my health no matter what.

Want to learn how to do the same?

Drop me a PM. Let’s talk.

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