I was completely willing to give my heart to God.

Often we trust in God because a trauma happened and we lose the ability to trust ourselves.
We trusted the wrong person. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone died, got hurt, hurt us or left us. And we got hurt. Badly.

And from that moment we trust our creator, our angels, our guides and sometimes even our friends. our mentors more than we trust ourselves. As a young adolescent I simply didn’t trust anyone. But when I had my spiritual awakening, I trusted my angels and went where they told me to go. Did what they told me to do. Said what they told me to say.

Slowly my angels restored my trust in God.

And I was completely willing to give my heart to God.

But if you are going to give your Trust to God, you have to be ready for the day that he gives your FAITH back to you. Because that is what whole trust looks like.


And you start to walk by faith and not by sight. By Heart and not by Head. You trust that everything is happening for you, and as Louise Hay say’s your trust in life itself is restored.
And you accept that God will be with you, in every thing you face. And you dance with life instead of hide from it, because everything you thought would harm you healed you, and everything that betrayed you blessed you when you handed it over to the most loving force in the universe.

And so it is…


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