It felt very safe to do my first ever liver flush

✨Testimonial ✨

I stepped into committing to the Lovely Liver Flush with Skylar Acamesis last minute.

I had a lot of fears about arranging the finance for it, it being during Diwali, being vegan for two weeks, and the fear of the unknown: what does it entail, what if I fail or worse quit, like I have so many times in my life. The only thing I kept hearing was how a liver flush can be incredibly powerful to release anger. How it is the seat of our power, and I thought about the patterns of often feeling powerless and being stuck in victim consciousness. And how releasing the emotional part through the energy clearings is a key component that is never addressed.

I had a lot of doubt this will work for me, but I just stayed with. Some very painful events happened during this connected with my son, me being in an accident and having the absolute worst back pain of my life. But I stuck with it. Attending the FB live’s hosted by Sky, listening to her answers to all the questions, the energy clearings, there is a lot of strength on the collective level as you embark on an unknown journey together. I listened to the mediations, the imprinting, released a lot of tears, fears, sadness, anger and grief.

It has been miraculous to see how beautifully my body did when it had the love, support and guidance to do this amazing flush. It felt very safe to do my first ever liver flush this way and I know that the emotional and spiritual part that Sky provided is just as important as just following the procedure.

I feel sooooo much lighter, I find myself craving to eat steamed vegetables now! I think the biggest change for me may be going through a series of events with my son and the accident in a way that has been very different from my past patterns of quitting, self-sabotaging, feeling helpless.

I really felt the emotions, acknowledged them, asked for support and got it(!), and operated from a deep inner feeling of power and conviction. I tried something new, completed it despite triggers, and came out successful and with a deep love for the miracle that is my body.

I am very grateful for this experience!

Thank you Sky & Skylar AcamesisTeam 🙏🏽🤍

Serena 🌀

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