It’s your right to release this taboo emotion!

This is a big one, so many women myself included are affected by this emotion. We often have difficulty expressing it, and therefore have TONS of it.  

I’m talking about ANGER. Think Greek, raging Hera style – that energy is stored in your beautiful liver.

When a client is going through a Liver Flush detox they often experience a deep emotional cleanse of old anger.

One woman who came to me with fertility issues needed to release HUGE amounts of anger at having to raise her sister. Another client with stage four cancer had a complex support wound that was holding unexpressed rage at her Dad and humanity.

His anger meant she wasn’t able to receive which resulted in overgiving. She had layer upon layer of fury that needed to come out. Her first two flushes were very emotional, and soon she started to regain the strength lost from her treatments. I’m happy to say she went into remission.

Anger is a totally natural human emotion. It’s there to protect us, to express our boundaries and release unwanted energy.

It’s your right to release this taboo emotion!

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