Most Women Fear their Power… Other Women are Brave Enough to Ignite it

Decide to step into Your Divine Power

This Liver is the Fountain of Youth. Learn to be smarter, stronger, resilient, and regenerate  a healthy body.

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Transforming Your Relationship with Your Liver Requires A Return to Your Divine Power

I’m Skylar, your Master Healer, Health Coach, and Nutritionist, determined to help you move towards a healthy life and regain your power and youth.

Many of us are not aware of how our liver, the most powerful detoxifying and regenerating organ in our body, is deeply linked to the many conditions and symptoms we suffer from every day.  We can be born with over 500 toxic chemicals in our liver and never get them out.

A toxic liver has the power to imbalance your body’s hormones, disrupt your health, weaken your immune system, and lead to chronic diseases and digestive problems.

You are here because it is your destiny, to work with your liver and your body and flush out the toxins, then step into your divine powers and the gifts that are your birthright.

lovely liver flush

This programme is for you if...

authentically beautiful body

You are ready to spiritually and physically detox your liver.

You want to regain your power and shift your feels of powerlessness for good.

You want to have a balanced life, sound sleep, and feel and look youthful.

You want to remove the subconscious blocks that prevent you from moving forward and tap into your Divine Gifts and Super Powers.

You want to join the powerful vortex of loving and supportive women coming together to work wonders.

You want to get your questions answered by a professional Health Coach and Medical Intuitive every week.

How Are We Different?

We are different because we care about YOU.

We are the Only Programme Unifying Spiritual Healing and Physical Detox In the Same Container.

You will be learning a technique you can use to detox your liver for the rest of your life.

You will work through your blocks to taking back your power from others and from awakening your divine power.

Positively shifting the scale to make you feel and look younger from the inside out.

It’s All About You…

immune system whispering webinar

Benefits of the Program

2 Group Guided Liver Flushes

Benefit weekly LIVE sessions, and learn to eat the right food for your body and soul and how to listen to your body.


Bring Back Your Youth

A clean liver is the ultimate secret to anti-aging alchemy. Regain your body's powers of regeneration and bring back your youth and energy to look and feel beautiful in your body.


Join The Powerful Health Vortex

Become a part of a loving community of fearless women who are facing their issues head-on and coming out victorious.


Rebalance Your Hormones

Release your emotional struggles and free yourself from the mental and physical pressure, exhaustion by balancing your hormones with the right foods and Meditations.


Weekly LIVE Q&A and Energy Clearings

You are unique and so is your beautiful body, environment and circumstances so these sessions are for me to TAKE of YOU.


Liver Re-Imprinting Meditation

The Liver Sits Right Over the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of our divine and personal power. You not only get a guided meditation to remove your subconscious blocks to power, you also get the Liver Reimprinting Recording where you can create a healthy liver and the Unconditional Health You Deserve.

What the programme offers

This online programme includes:

2 Guided Group Liver Flushes


Weekly Q&A

1 x Guided Subconscious Blocks to LIVER Health Therapy Recording

1 x Liver Re-imprinting Recording


Hello Skylar, I am overflowing with gratitude for this experience. I was ready for it on all levels. The shift is being felt physically & even more so emotionally & I feel more present & focused. Thank you for you truly powerful meditations & for holding us through this.
- Carol
Dear Skylar Acamesis, Dear Skylar AcamesisTeam! I am ThetaHealer for 8 years now and every step in this jearney was lifechanging and wonderful. But the speed and power this course hit me was something else. It felt like many hands pushed open a giant big door and all my stones, my insecurities and worries about the procedure flushed threw into the wholeness. Thank you so so much. God bless you for your work! And I will for the moment carry on with flushes every 2 weeks and eating vegan... and being a member of your tribe 🙂 Namaste
- Suzie
Hello Sky and team. Thank you for the powerful meditations in the Liver Flush, they took the experience to another level. I felt supported and protected. Your facebook lives with the questions and answers helped the whole process flow with ease.
- Kate
Thank you Skylar Acamesis and Skylar AcamesisTeam for these amazing weeks filled with “magical” experiences. I’m learning a lot and will keep learning even after this group is completely closed.
I felt deep down years ago I should start to liver flush but never did as I was too scared, the resistance was stronger, or maybe I supposed to be here releasing the pain, anger, toxins and past with you all.
Today I feel different, I feel the shifting, I am confused I must admit as my critical mind keeps speculating why I end up in this time, space, reality in the first place.
The shifts are huge and I’m scared but I felt this way many times and somehow something was guiding me to something best. I cleared most part of my fantasy bonds, discovered this family secret which was my father abuse and felt deep peace.
I’m sure my new path is unfolding, I still feel many ppl trying to enter my space but I’m sure until the end of the flushes ( I will keep going) everything will shift even more. The clearings were very helpful I felt they were made to solve my specific problems. I am so grateful for this group and everyone involved, I do believe life is easy apart of all the distractions and in the end everybody wins ❤️
- Sandra
"Dear Sky & Team Sky, Thank you so much for all your love and support and for holding loving space for me and all of us and making this a safe experience. This indeed has been a Lovely Liver Flush 🙂 I would never have done this on my own, because I was terrified and just thinking of stones coming out of me made me physically shake and shiver. The first couple of days I was still shaking and terrified, but as I was listening to Sky’s Q&A’s, meditations, energy clearings, her insights, and her guidance I started to feel safe and confident that I could do this. I feel I was prepared and well informed. I’ve learned so much and I’ve released hundreds of stones (!) with no pain at all! It feels like weights being lifted from my energetic field. I now feel I have the courage, strength, and energy to continue to do this on my own. Thank you, I am forever grateful, and I highly recommend the Lovely Liver Flush with Skylar Acamesis to anyone who wants to feel beautiful from the inside out & reclaim their power & their health ❤"
- Christy

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Lovely Liver Flush

2 weeks Online Detox Retreat

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