Medical Intuition is a skill and it can be taught and mastered

Often my clients ask if I can body scan what their physicians have not ascertained and if I can provide help. I state that I will do the very best I can, I use my third eye and energy field, expand into their body as light and scan the organs, blood, tissues bones, brain, vascular and pulmonary systems, endocrine systems, nerves, genes, DNA and all the other gooey stuff ―and tell them what I pick up.

I often intuitively tell them what, where, how intense and answer other questions relating to what I find. Then I can suggest what tests to take, where to tell their healthcare professionals to look, and I furnish medical words so they can discuss these concepts or areas with their doctor. Every individual‘s energy contains a health line that I can follow and ―sense, channel and communicate.

I can also see the thought forms, emotions, memories and trauma’s/stresses that contributed to the manifestation of the disease. I am teaching this in my KickAss Six Month Medical Intuitive Master Mind (TM). If you want to be the best, learn from the best.

Medical Intuition is a skill and it can be taught and mastered. If this excites you, answer to this email and we’ll see if you are a good fit for this program.

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