Make your relationships work financially

Make your relationships work financially

“When we enter into relationships, it’s not easy to make them work, especially financially. The less money we have, the less we often want to think about it. On the one hand, we want to be financially separate and independent. We don’t want to subordinate our needs to that of the other person.

We don’t want to make the change from “mine” to “ours.” We don’t want to share, and we are afraid to give anything bigger than flowers, cards, or time. We also want to be loved and acknowledged. We want intimacy. We want to be important and make a big contribution to the well-being of our soulmate. The ego tells us that if our partner requires us to make a financial contribution or to share our income, then they like our money more than they like us and should not be trusted.

But the truth is we are being offered the opportunity to make that shift from competition to collaboration in our hearts, and it’s a deeply personal call that we have our own journey learning to respond. We each want so much from each other, yet when it comes to money, both soulmates are often reluctant to be the first to give. Both want money, security, significance, and sex, and each wants the other to provide all these things.

Each soulmate often secretly envies their partner and feels inferior and inadequate. Yet each is reluctant to be the first to give in order to enter a new higher vibrational paradigm and maintain it.”

Soul Mate Shadow Work” – Sky Acamesis

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