My Mind is My Kingdom…and I Alone Must Rule

flower-love-wallpaper-flower-backgrounds-love-backgrounds-29991You have a kingdom which only you can rule. At times, it won’t seem like your kingdom at all. It will seem to own you, to tell you what to think, and what to do and feel. And yet it has been given to you to serve whatever meaning you give to it.  Your mind is a good servant and a terrible master. Your mind can only serve. Today, give your mind in service to the divine light within to employ as it sees fit. Thus you direct your mind, which only you can rule, and thus you set it free to do the will of love.

” Divine Light, my mind is open to your thoughts, feelings, beings and doings, and closed today to any other thought or feeling but yours. I rule my mind and heart, and open them to you, accept my gift for it is yours to me.”

Love and Happiness


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