Our fertility is directly connected to our Creator energy.

😭 After losing a baby in my early twenties, the grief was so painful that I for a short term developed agoraphobia.

I couldn’t even go to the supermarket on my own.

I quit my job working with Autistic Children.

I couldn’t say out loud but at that point in my life, looking at and being with children, something I had previously loved was JUST too painful.

Every child reminded me of something I thought I would never have but wanted terribly.

🛑 My anxiety was so bad that I struggled to leave the house.

🛑 I stopped running my spiritual events and workshops.

🛑 I had absolutely no desire for sexual intimacy for over a year afterwards.

That loss left me a shell of the woman I had once been. I lost trust in my ability to make good decisions. I felt like a fraud as a spiritual teacher.

Our fertility is directly connected to our Creator energy. When we suffer trauma in the attempt to create a new life it can affect every area of our life and business.

And often we deal with it by shutting down, numbing, building walls and hiding from our pain.

I have had some clients who like me stop hanging out with friends who had children, and avoided anything that could remind them of that pain.

But the truth is if you want to create fertility you are going to have to face your fears of being around children and allowing yourself to dream again, try again, believe again.

I say this because it is true not because it is easy.

It’s probably one of the most difficult things I have ever done, returning to love after this loss. And it would be my honour to guide you on this journey.

Come join us!! 💜💜💜

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