Overgiving is the real pandemic amongst women.

And it’s ugly because it’s a social, work and political expectation as well as an internalised one. πŸ˜’

We are supposed to ‘selflessly’ be there for others no matter what without expecting anything in return. This ugly message is in the books, the movies and the marketing you consume every day.

Even though that belief means destroying ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a more toxic belief to implant in the mind of a powerful woman. This belief is the ultimate self-destruct button for most of us. Β 

But enough is enough. πŸ›‘

That’s why I take it personally when the ladies in my programmes break it down and take their lives back.

This is Eva’s journey. I know it’s similar to so many of yours. Through more than anyone should ever have to go through.

🌟Her strength is incredible. 🌟

All she needed was the support of our powerful liver flush community and powerhouse meditations to clear her path back to her divine power. This is her story. And I couldn’t be more proud. 😍

Dear lovely angels,

Thank you for your sweet support. It is nice to be in this group and read each other’s stories, so we can support each other, but also to feel supported.

To be honest, the liver cleanse was like corking a bottle of champagne for me. On the one hand to celebrate, but on the other hand it was very intense to feel all the emotions and physical discomfort.

It felt like I had ended up in Lord of the Rings, wandering between war, death, and destruction. I was reliving the whole trauma, surrounding the death of my father.

During that time, I had to stay upright for the family because my husband was in burnout, my mother was in depression, and I was amid their emotions and 2 small children. My mother, too, was not doing well at the time. She passed away 3 years later.

My family thought I was not supporting my mother enough. But to be honest…I couldn’t do it anymore. I was finished, empty.

I didn’t feel supported at all at that time. In fact, I turned down support because I thought I should be able to bear it all on my own. It was my way of surviving.

Now, last weekend, I felt everything coming up. I felt the pain in my chest. I was scared.

I then asked my husband for help
asked for help from my children,
asked for help from the source and the angels.

I worked myself through it, continued to support and heal my unsupported inner child.

For the first time in my life, I see how I am helping others by putting my own interests, needs, desires, emotions, and pain far away. Except, this is not the way for balance in your life.

I may receive support, warmth, love, and light. I am worthy of that celebration. So, I am happy to uncork the champagne bottle. With a tear and a smile. I only have to ask, and support is on its way.

So, by this…may I also ask you for your support and love, so that there is even more light on my path. That will make it so much easier and cosier.

With love and an awful lot of gratitude ❀️




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