Sleep has a massive impact on your metabolism

So what’s keeping you awake at night?⁠

The heartbreak?⁠
The money?⁠
The kids?⁠
The loneliness?⁠
The grief?⁠
The worry?⁠

Sleep has more to do with metabolism than both food and exercise. Yep you heard me. ⁠

And how much sleep you get has a lot to do with the quality of natural light you are receiving during the day. ⁠

It’s so easy to spend the whole day in front of the computer, but if you don’t get sunlight in the morning, the whole of your Circadian Rhythm is off and that means your melatonin is off and so is your cortisol. ⁠

In a study on sleep and weight loss, those who were getting a broken night’s sleep lost 50% less weight than those on the same diet and exercise program who were getting a full night’s sleep. ⁠

Sleep has a massive impact on your metabolism, hormones, healing and probably importantly your immune system. ⁠

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