Take back control today and work towards healing.

👉 Dizziness

👉 Menstrual Pain

👉 Anger and Irritability

👉 Headaches

👉 Eye Conditions and Red Eyes

👉 Breast Distension

👉 Tendonitis

☹️ If you’re facing any of these, you’re suffering from liver imbalance

Our hearts may pump blood but it’s our livers that control the body’s energy flow.

When you have a liver imbalance, you may notice these symptoms and feel ill.

When your physical health suffers, so does your mental health.

So does your spiritual health.

Harmony is important. Even one element being out of sync can wreak havoc.

Take back control today and work towards healing.

Recovery is possible, and I can help you achieve it.

There’s nothing better than taking care of our physical vessels so our spirits can flourish. Just as we feed ourselves food, we must feed our livers the cure to these ailments.

Become a better version of yourself by embracing your health. With health comes wealth and happiness.

Join our Lovely Liver Flush
2-week retreat online programme
STARTS 4th – 16th APRIL.

Become part of a space that helps you put your health first. 💓

I believe In you!


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