The biggest block to being psychic is JUDGEMENT




It’s the intimate reality of being a psychic. I was doing some incredible practice group demonstrations with my Miracles Over Medicine Technique and I feel of my students turned red when I came in the practice rooms. They looked embarrassed. One said she felt BUSTED.

They knew the moment I walked in that the miracle was Coming, READY OR NOT.

How can I feel them and see them so clearly?

The answer is ACCEPTANCE. The more you look within another’s soul with love and acceptance with the sincere desire to love and not judge or force the more psychic you are, because the more they feel safe with you, the more their energy will show you.

And make no mistake. LOVE IS SAFETY.

In fact, the biggest block to being psychic is JUDGEMENT. Period.

So if you are judging your body, you are blocking the healing and the beauty you ache for.

I got something incredible for you ladies, it’s the first time I am teaching this container and it’s incredible. The other coaches and healers I have allowed to see it in order to get feedback are saying that their hearts and souls have been blown wide open.

I have been deeply guided to share it with you now.

If you are ready come and get it. Because I have something game-changing for you. Drop me an Emoji and I’ll PM you a link.

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