The earth shakes my darling ⚡⁠ ⁠

That moment when you start to see results. 🤩⁠

I remember when my body began to recover from autoimmune disease and my weight return to normal. It was not easy!⁠

You have to adjust to a new you, and new power which is actually an uncomfortable shift. ⁠

Others who want the same begin to be triggered by you but haven’t started their own journey. People start changing the way they see you and are sending more energy your way. ⁠

So you have to cope with potential loss and new higher levels of life – it’s the next climb up the mountain. 🧗‍♀️⁠

You want to get prepared for it because a woman owning her beauty is one of the most provoking, and powerful things ALIVE. ⁠

A woman’s power triggers her… ⁠
mother ⁠
men who want control ⁠
other women⁠
her friends ⁠
her colleagues ⁠
her partner⁠

Not to mention the ancestral pain, women were accused of witchcraft because of their beauty and burned! ⁠

The earth shakes my darling ⚡⁠

If you’re ready to be revolutionary, drop me a PM. ⁠

Love ⁠

Sky 💝⁠

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