The Law of Health – Part 2

As many healthy people are in the world, there are many reasons for their health.  But one kind of physical health derives from an otherworldly power, a sense of wellbeing that some people carry around with them like an aura of destiny. Most children have this aura which is why they recover so much more quickly from illness than adults. They may or may not have the habits that one associates with health, their health seems to have come from something else.

It is a spiritual zone which has nothing to do with whether or not we have healthy habits, whether we have succeeded in being healthy thus far or whether we have failed miserably. It is about the ultimate health and love of creator, potentially in all of us whether we manifest it or not, yet always available for full expression. Each of us carries the blueprint of that divine health, for that is what we are.  We are all starting out on our journies from different places, some of us have become ill recently, some of us have been ill since before we were born and others are hoping to prevent illness in the future, but we are all united in overcoming a dark and painful illusion of consciousness together. Our hearts and minds are more powerful when they are joined in loving purpose. The Kingdom of health is often entered two by two. You cannot enter health yourself whilst wishing ill on others.

“By aligning yourself with thoughts of the infinite love of yourself and others, you transcend the illnesses of the world.”

This way is not a substitute for any worldly path to health so much as an inner way which supports all paths to being better. It is a path to physical health through immaterial means, a set of spiritual keys to physical vitality. The ways of spirit are not the ways of sacrifice, but rather a way of opening yourself fully to the infinite immortality and health of the universe.

The health is there, it merely awaits our acceptance.  What follows is an explanation of what they are, how they operate and how you can tap into it.

The Universe is set up to work pro-actively on your behalf. The health that you are seeking is also pro-actively seeking you.  The universe is not a vast, disconnected, random expression of biological processes, but rather a living breathing, conscious reflection of love for all living things.  The universe itself is miraculous and so is your body.

You do not have to believe this, and right now it probably doesn’t feel this way to you at all.  The law of health is always at work, beyond what the eyes can see. Our interaction with the other worlds is governed by our thoughts, emotions and energetic patterns in our DNA and soul blueprint.  Our world is created by a mixture our individual thoughts and the millions of thoughts of the collective, our ancestors and those that came before and will come after.  When we know this truth, somehow, despite how we feel  – we activate a spiritual power.

No matter what is happening with our health we have control over how we choose to think about it. And the greatest gift we can give ourselves is the willingness to change our hearts. In the presence of the saddest and most painful situations, we have the power to believe that things can change, that something else is possible and that miracles do happen. This shift in our frequency has the power to change the course of our future. What we choose to focus on has the power to create different possible futures that we could not have experienced unless we believed they were possible. Such is the power of our hearts to attract or block our healing.

Free will means that you can think whatever you want to think. You cannot, however, make true what is untrue. The universe and your body do care about you. The universe is set up to work on your behalf. And the universe is capable of bringing about change when we face sickness, death or unbearable pain. Regardless of what has happened in your past, the universe is capable of healing it.

You are loved and your purpose is to love. From a mind filled with love comes infinite possibilities, we have the power to think in ways that attract and reflect all the health in the world. Creators will for us is excellent health, happiness, abundance, and brilliance. Such thinking is called enlightenment. Enlightenment is not just a process we work towards it is a moment available to us right now. It is the answer to every problem, the whispered response to every prayer.

“In any situation where you believe that you are in the presence of forces beyond your power, remember that creator dwells in your mind, and there are no forces over which creator has no control.”

Therefore through creators power within you and through you, there is no sickness under which you are powerless.  Whenever your health is obscured by the appearances of sickness, the universe is programmed to lift you out of that condition and return you to an abundant state.

As an expression of divine excellence, your body is both self-actualizing, self-organizing and self-correcting.  To the extent that your heart is aligned with love, you will receive divine healing for any lack in your physical health. From spiritual focus and strength will come physical health. This is not a theory, it is a fact. It is the law by which the universe operates.  I call it The Law of Health.

Just as there are objective discernable laws of the universe, like gravity, momentum, and mathematics, so there are objective discernable laws of internal phenomenon. The law of gravity is not just a belief. It is a truth which operates whether or not you believe in it. Spiritual laws are not just beliefs, they are descriptions of how consciousness operates.

Once we know this law – that there is a tendency in the universe to evolve, that is to improve all creations-  then we lean naturally into the arms of creator and allow it to lift us out of suffering and into the freedom and the health that lies beyond.  Once we know this we surrender our thoughts about health, they are altered and our experience of health changes.  The practical issue is whether we choose thoughts that activate or de-activate the laws of love. We deactivate it when we give more power to the reality of illness than we give to the power of love, health, and healing.

If our sickness tempts us to think thoughts such as, ” It’s never going to get better” ” I might as well be dead” “It will take forever to heal” or to hate or blame doctors, family, lovers or healthy people then miracles though they are programmed through the universe cannot make their way into our awareness. Of if they do we cannot acknowledge them when they occur.  With every thought we think, we either summon or block a miracle.

The Law of Health applies to all situations, but I will focus on it’s application to our physical health or the lack of it. In times of sickness, or capacity to create lovingly is the miracle workers edge.

Pain ravages your body, exhaustion makes it difficult to get out of bed, doctors tell you that it doesn’t look good or that you will never have a baby, that you miscarried again, that you won’t be able to walk, that you only have a  few months to live, that you will be sick for the rest of your life. You can’t work and your family is struggling with your pain and with the weight and cost of your absence. Your Medical bills stare you in the face. Who doesn’t need miracles then?

If you identify only with your body and it’s reality, rather than your soul and it’s reality, then you are tempted to think that a diminishment in your physical health somehow diminishes who you are and your worth in this world. But you are not of this world; you are a being of light of unlimited spirit. And in spirit there is no sickness, you are not lacking just because your health is.

If your core belief is that you are “sick, weak, broken” and you carry that belief with you then you will subconsciously create and participate in circumstances that reflect that belief. But your circumstances are completely malleable; they simply reflect the focus of your mind.

Regardless of what limits exist in your physical body, your ultimate truth is that you are an unlimited light, a powerful spiritual being and a gift to this planet. By remembering this you common the law of health. You are a loving, healthy idea in the mind of creator. Creator and the universe shower you with love not because of what you have done, but because of who you are.  Think of the miracles of your body and of the universe, of each breath you take, of each star you see, of each kiss of the sun on your face as a personal love note from creator.

You are a loving creation in the heart of Creator. Circumstances will tempt you to forget, but you have a strength within you far beyond anything you ever imagined. The strength to move mountains. The strength to heal all sickness and send it back to the nothingness from whence it came. You are strong, it is not difficult it is different. You are an advanced soul, and I promise that you are equal to the task.  Creator is love and in sharing its love we are sharing its power.  By aligning yourself with thoughts of infinite vitality and health for yourself and others, you gain dominion over the lower thought forms of the worlds. You gain dominion over sickness.

In a physical or medical sense, your situation may indeed be dark. You might be in a great deal of pain, you might have been betrayed by others, injured in war or in love, you might have made a huge mistake. Still what matters is what you think now; are you lingering in the past or are you focused on the infinite possibilities of the present? Are you blaming yourself and your illness or are you blessing yourself and your illness? Are you clinging to the reality of your illness or are you opening your heart to the miraculous possibilities of your health? Realign your thoughts to the thoughts of the creator and in every given moment the universe is ready to begin again. Thankfully the laws of time and space are some of the easiest to bend.

Illness and sickness need not throw us off. The capacity for correction is built into the universe, built into your body, just as it is built into a GPS. If you take a turn into sickness your body just like a GPS immediately finds a new route to health.

Perhaps you thought that you would get the health you would get the health you were seeking through a medication, treatment, medicine, physiotherapy. But then something happened, you made a mistake or had an accident or someone else made a mistake. The Law of Health gives you the reassurance that the universe will simply find a new route. What is sickness shall become health, what is wounded shall be healed. From miracle mindedness your health will flow naturally.

Why? Because health is your eternal home, to which the universe is programmed to return you whenever you have deviated, for whatever reason from the thoughts that keep you there.  That’s how loved you are.




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