The Secret Subconscious Fear of being in Control.

It’s really important for you to know that you can create the health you want but are CHOOSING not to. Very young children and people who are naturally HEALTHY do not think about HEALTH all day, they only think about their bodies as something they live in.

They have no problem being healthy because they have a mindset that says ‘I can have this whenever I want it and it will always be available for me’ so they often do unhealthy things and remain stubbornly healthy. It’s only when you get into the mindset of ‘this is not allowed, I can’t have it, it’s forbidden, it’s not available to me’ that believe that you have no control.  

Sometimes simple changes have the most powerful results. Actively choosing reminds your mind that you do have a choice. You can choose to be in control rather than being controlled by your body. By choosing how to communicate with yourself, how to control your thoughts and how to say and think the right things about how you eat and how you exercise, you really can also choose to be thin.⁠ ⁠

When you choose to eat fresh living food instead of a fast food you are choosing to become healthy and whole. As you accept this fact you also accept that you have not been failed by your body and you are not destined to be ill or ruled by pain. You have been making the wrong choices and choosing to believe you just can’t help it, but from now on you can choose not to believe that anymore.  

98% of disease is completely created by lifestyle CHOICES. You are in control. And that’s what frightens us. Your health is what frightens you NOT your Disease.

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