Unconditional love is God’s job, not yours.

If you love without acknowledging your needs and boundaries to the point where the other person is your only focus, you’re in big trouble. You effectively start disappearing, and how can anyone love you if you aren’t there? If you recognise this situation in yourself you need to put the kettle on and have a good, bare-bones sit down with yourself.

What is so wrong with you that you need to work hard for someone else’s love? Why are you trying to make people love you? Your gorgeous self deserves true love and nothing less! 💝

Going through the pain of not feeling enough for the one you love is one of the most painful experiences, and it needs heaps of love and care. If you’ve been there, or you’re in it right now and need support, send me a PM.

I’m here for you.

Sky 💗

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