Theta Healing and Allergies

Many people have had great results with healing hay fever, dietary allergies, pet allergies with nothing more than a few sessions of Theta Healing.

There are many who believe that allergies are an extreme panic reaction to the autoimmune system in the presence of fairly harmless substances. I would recommend to try it on every allergy that manifests. Only good can come of this.

You can dig on the have a little bit of the item that you are allergic to in the room in a closed jar
You can dig on symptoms such as your runny nose, bloating, swelling or rashes etc.
You can dig on root cause if it is known to you.

What are the secondary gains of the allergy?

Did you get out of PE and being bullied as a child because of the allergy?
Is it protecting you from a vicious dog, cat or sibling who you had a traumatic experience with when you were younger?
Did you get to stay with your parents instead of socializing with siblings or pears because you had allergies?

Always remember to Muscle Test yourself carefully before exposing yourself to an allergen, and to never work by yourself on allergies unless they are very mild. Should there be any reaction left, keep digging until it is completely gone?


I have the creator’s definition of nuts, gluten, dairy, antibiotics, sugar, carbohydrates, fruit, and mine is the same as creators.
I know what it feels like to live without allergies
I know what it feels like to set boundaries without allergies
It is commanded an instant healing on my gut and immune system for this allergy through creator of all that is. Thank you, it’s done, show me.
I know how to live my daily life without being terrified
I know how to live my daily life without panicking
Creator not pulls all panic and terror on all four levels and replaces it with certainty, serenity, and strength
I know its possible for me to fully recover from this allergy through creator of all that is.

**** If you have an allergy that is extreme, very severe or deadly, only do this with a trained paramedic/healthcare professional in the room and an Epi-Pen is directly available****