Theta Healing for Inner Child Work with Downloads

Meeting Our Inner Child

Many of us have never spoken to our inner child. It is made of our memories of being a child in this lifetimes and other lifetimes. It has both gifts and traumas to share with us. The inner child need to feel love and belonging. It can be the source of illnesses, fights, and immature attitudes when you have in life.

Its very sad when an child doesn’t get to have a childhood, its even sadder when you lose both our childhood and out adulthood, because we leave our inner child in the driving seat of our life. Whilst your inner child is in control, its impossible to claim and enjoy your adulthood.

Trauma to our inner child can be the root cause of illness, poverty, relationship issues and mental illness, so its an area that is incredibly powerful to work on with creator. It can also be the cause of infertitlity and resitance to becoming a parent.

Whilst working in this area it is powerful to note, that the inner child is an archetype which does not apply to this life time alone, so bear in mind that your inner child can carry the trauma and gifts from many incarantions.

Theta Healing Excercise for Meeting Your Inner Child

  1. Ground and centre yourself in your heart and imagine going down into Mother earth, which is part of all that is
  2. Visulise bringing up energy through your feet, opening up all of your chakras and intuative centres as you go. Go up and out of your Crown and Into the Universe.
  3. Go  beyond the universe, past the white lights, past the dark lights, past the jelly like substance which is the laws of the universe, into a pearly iredecent white light, into the Seventh Plane of Existance.
  4. In silence make the command ” Creator of all that is, it is commanded that I be taken to meet my inner child, at the time which would provide the highest and best healing, to take place on this day.  Thank you! It’s done. It’s done. It’s done.
  5. See yourself comming down into the 5th plane of existance, and being shown your inner child. Tell your inner child that you love, it that you are sorry for any hardships and trauma that it expierienced. Ask it if it has a name you want to call it, if it has any messages for you, a favourite place to meet, a favourite toy to work with, where would it like to reside. See your inner child being downloaded with unconditional love from the creator. You may want to use some of the downloads below. Always ask Creator, it knows best.
  6. As soon as you see that the process is finished, rinse yourself off and put yourself back into your space. Go into the earth, pull energy of the earth up through your chakras to your crown charka and make an energy break.

Different Types of Inner Child Trauma

There are more types but this is a comprehensive list.

  • All the first born male babies being ordered to death by kings
  • A female children being killed, abandoned or given away for adoption.
  • Child labour and education laws
  • Child religious abuse
  • Child Slavery and Trading
  • Childhood Illness and Disability
  • Childhood Grief Losing siblings or parents
  • Childhood Sexual Exploitation
  • Childhood Financial Abuse

Belief Blocks to Inner Child Healing – muscle test and remove on all four levels, digging work may be required

  • My innerchild should be seen and not heard
  • My inner child should be able to take care of itself
  • I don’t know how to  re-eastablish a connection to my inner child
  • I don’t want to re-establish a connection
  • It’s not safe for me to re-connect to my inner child
  • I am consciously ruled by my inner child
  • I am unconsciously ruled by my inner child
  • My inner adult and inner child are disconected
  • My inner child and inner adult are at war
  • My inner child is protecting me from…
  • I will be punished financially, emotionally, socially, physically or by god if I heal my inner child
  • Children are a burden and deserve to be punished
  • My inner child is responsible for my parents illness, abuse, divorce, poverty, suffering etc.


  • Would you like creators perspective, definition understanding of your inner child? What it is, how to love it, heal it, nurture it in the highest and best way?
  • I know what it feels like and how to feel confident and be present with my inner child and the innerchild of others whilst staying connected with the Creator of all that is.
  • I know what it feels like and how to live without my inner childs PTSD.
  • My inner child knows how to recieve healing and its definition is the same as creators
  • My inner child knows what joy is and what it feels like and how to live in joy
  • Creator loves my inner child
  • My inner child is protected
  • I know what it feels like and how to hold a safe space for my inner child to express itself
  • Would you like to know that your inner child can be healed, that its possible to heal it, how to heal it in the highest and best way?
  • Would you like to complete your childhood lessons and traumas?
  • Would you like to heal your inner child so that you can find your emotional and creative freedom?
  • Would you like to know what it feels like to belong?
  • Would you like to know how to work with and heal people who have been physically or sexually abused during thier childhood w/0 anxiety, anger or fear.
  • I understand that Creator of all that is is present for every session I do with my innerchild

Self healing is powerful, and sometimes we all need a helping hand with our energy work and clearing. Childhood trauma’s can be tough to handle on our own simply because we cannot see ourselves clearly when we are in Fight, Flight or Fear mode. If you have been working on this for a while, or aren’t getting the results that you want, I am here.

Warmest Wishes

Sky Acamesis


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