they underestimated me

They underestimated me.

My first spiritual teacher abandoned me at 17 just 3 days after I had my spiritual awakening. He was the only other spiritual person that I knew at that point in my life. He hadn’t expected his son’s 17 years old girlfriend to have a massive awakening from just one reiki session and I was just ”too much. too psychic. too crazy. not high vibe enough.”

”My second spiritual teacher was lovely until I wanted to write my own book. In an angel reading she was giving me when I shared about my book for the first time, she told me there was ‘no point in my writing it, I was supposed to be a lawyer and told me outright that I would fail as a spiritual teacher. I was too young in her opinion. My family’s psychic lineage was un-mapped. She thought my gifts were too strong and I wouldn’t be able to do anything positive with them”

”My third spiritual teacher, a famous astrologer told me after I did some healings during one of my workshops that  running my Tuesday night talks was the most successful I would ever be, and that Astrologically my success would run out before my 25th Birthday.”

That was the day I decided to become a spiritual teacher, at 18. I wanted to awaken other teachers and I was tired of being underestimated by those who were supposed to guide me. After all, I was just a young dumb, brown Brazilian girl. How enlightened could I possibly be? What could I possibly have that they didn’t?

And so it was that foal like, I took my first steps into Spiritual adulthood. I took responsibility for my divine life purpose and stopped asking for permission and validation to be me.

Within 2 weeks of that decision I did my first talk in London for what I thought was going to be 20 people. It was actually 400. That act of grace from creator and my angels in response to my commitment to my mission birthed my healing and angel reading practice.  Overnight I had to means to support myself doing what I loved. I had chosen faith over fear and it had paid off.

To say thank you I committed to teaching everything my angels and creator channeled to me every Tuesday night in Neals Yead Meeting Rooms in Covent Garden. For the tact price of £10 to cover room costs, that’s where I honed my channeling, teaching, space holding, healing, energy scanning and reading skills. One event, workshop, client and experience at a time, I practiced, practiced, practiced and practiced some more. I wanted to help as many people as I could.

I would channel until I was exhausted but happy. I was doing what I loved. It was almost 8 years later when my parents and I stopped speaking to each other after a disagreement about my wedding that I fell into Theta Healing. I thought I was already doing what I loved but for me this was the next level. Within the year after assisting on many classes I was offered the opportunity to teach for Bourgeon. The best Theta Healing School in Europe and the biggest in Britain. Anna Kitney was the first spiritual teacher who not only saw my potential but backed it, trained it and set it on fire.

4 years on and I have finally created my own Medical Intuitive Modality, although I will never stop teaching Theta. It’s carved on my soul.

I was underestimated by all but one of my spiritual teachers. Even by myself.

Today I look back at my life in pride and gratitude for the girl that I was and for the powerful woman I have become.  Don’t let other people estimating you get in the way of you living your dreams. They aren’t worth it. YOU DO YOU. You have powerful gifts to share with the world.

I tell you this become it was in the process of becoming who I really am that all the illnesses I had dissolved back to the nothingness from whence they came. As I stopped fearing my true self, my body stopped manifesting those fears. BE WHO YOU ARE and Health will return. Don’t ever let anyone tell you how much you can be. Or what you can do. You are made by God. No matter what you look like, you are not too old, too young, too masculine, too feminine, too gay, too black, too normal, too Indian whatever to step out of the spiritual closet and live your gifts. You will be guided, protected and taken care of. I believe in you.



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